Gundula Krause

Gundula Krause

Germany, Laughter Yoga Teacher / Psychotherapist / Musician
Psychologische Praxis / Lachclub Aachen | http://www.lachen-in-aachen.de/54.html

Psychotherapist in private practice in Roetgen near Aachen (Germany). Mother of two children. For over 20 years I've been playing violin and singing with enthusiasm in Irish folk bands like the band "Wintergreen Goblins". I lead Laughteryoga groups, educate Laughteryoga leaders, and give workshops with elements of  psychology such as resource work and personalitiy development as well as singing and dancing (sometimes with "live music").

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"Music makes you laugh and smile!" with Gundula Krause I 24th of June 2017 I 1:30 - 2:00 pm I Auditorium I and with the band Wintergreen Goblins at Prayer for Peace, Talent Show, closing celebration