Piotr Bielski

Piotr Bielski

Poland, Laughter Yoga Teacher / Laughter Ambassador / Author

He is a pioneer of Laughter Yoga in Poland and author of a first book on Laughter Yoga in Polish "Laughter Yoga. A way towards joy" (original title "Joga smiechu.. Droga do radosci). Being trained by dr Madan Kataria in India, he has trained already more than 500 CLYL, organized three LY trips to India and led hundreds of workshops in Poland for regular people, business, schools, universities, seniors, people with special needs. He makes his best to further develop Laughter Yoga and make it included in educational infrastructure. Privately happy husband of Aneta (also Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher) and father of 1 year old daughter Rozalia who participates in Laughter Yoga since her first days.

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How we set Poland on Laughter? I 24th of June 2017 I 1.30 - 2.00 pm I Room 2