Nobukatsu (Noby) Okubo

Nobukatsu (Noby) Okubo

Japan, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer / Laughter Ambassador / CEO / TEDx youth@KOBE 2016 speaker
Laughter Research Institute | http://warai-souken.co.jp

CEO of Laughter Research Institute in Japan. Noby is 28 years old, but he started Laughter Yoga 8 years ago when he was a university student. Now he runs a company and spreads Laughter Yoga and Gibberish to younger generations, companies, retirement homes, etc. His most featured workshop is "Gibberish Retreat". We can feel the life of flowers, trees, wind, the sun, and so on. This helps to bring up your joy of living and laughter.


Connecting to Nature by Gibberish I 24th of June 2017 I 12:45 - 1:15 pm I Room 2