Linda Leclerc

Linda Leclerc

Canada, Author / Laughter Yoga Master Trainer / Laughter Ambassador
Fondatrice de L'Ecole du Yoga du Rire | http://www.yogadurire.com

Pioneer of the Laughter Yoga movement in North America, Linda Leclerc has been practicing since early 2003 and made LY her fulltime business! Founder of the Canadian School of Laughter Yoga she is regularly invited by the media as an expert to talk about the benefits of laughter. She works with companies and organizations throughout North America. Linda was named Master Teacher of Canada. Founder of the HAHA Sisterhoodtm, a community of women laughing intentionally, Linda is a respected member of the International LY Network. She inspired many with her presentations over the years. She is the co-author of the French book "Le Yoga du Rire", creator of the audio collection "Destination Rire" and of the first Laughter Yoga App “RIRE+ / LET’S LAUGH”. She produces a podcast series on The JOY Element / L’Élément JOIE. She also developed online auto-coaching programs to enhance joy and happiness in life.


"HAHA SISTERHOOD" with Linda Leclerc I 25th of June 2017 I 11:00 - 11:30 am I Auditorium