Alida Leeuwen, van

Dr. Alida Leeuwen, van

Netherlands (the), Laughter Yoga Teacher / Laughter Ambassador
LachPsycholoog Niederlande | http://www.lachpsycholoog.nl

Alida van Leeuwen graduated in 1993 as a Psychologist at the University of Leiden. After her studies she specialized in "laughing"; from “positive thinking” to “mindfulness” and from “humor” to “Laughter Yoga”. In 2007 she graduated as a Laughter Yoga Teacher and as of 2009, she is officially the Ambassador of Laughter Yoga in The Netherlands. In addition to giving laughter workshops, trainings and presentations about laughter to groups, she is also working with individual Laughter coaching.


Individual Laughter Coaching I 24th of June 2017 I 9:45 - 10:15 am I Room 1