Fabrice Loizeau

Fabrice Loizeau

France, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer / Ambassador
Institut Français du Yoga du Rire et du Rire Santé | http://www.formation-yogadurire.fr

Fabrice is founder of the French Institute of Laughter Yoga and Health. He offers Laughter Yoga sessions every day. He is also the director of the French School of Positive with a fantastic team of doctors, academics, researchers and experts of happiness and optimism . He includes Laughter Yoga in personal development and wellbeing programs in France and abroad. He pratices a dynamic Laughter Yoga and a relax Laughter Yoga. He loves to include games in his meetings based on positive psychology. Do you want to know his golden rule? Sell your intelligence and buy child playfulness. Fabrice is often accompanied by Lolita Aucourt, his wife, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and therapist (their house is filled with laughter and joy, ha ha ha).


"Laughter Yoga Mandala with humans" with Fabrice Loizeau I 23th of June 2017 I 7:15 – 7:45 pm I Auditorium I and on 22nd in Günthersburg Parc from 7 pm