Keyem Thomez

Keyem Thomez

Bahrain, Laughter Yoga Teacher / Laughter Ambassador/ Personnel Officer
St Christopher's School | https://www.facebook.com/keyemt

Populary known as "Keyem". Celebrating 13 years of association with Laughter Yoga movement. Instrumental of spearheading the Laughter Yoga Movement in Bahrain and Middle East region. Founder of many Laughter Clubs in Bahrain. Guest speaker at 1st Italian laughter conference in Oct 2014 and 1st Malaysian laughter conference in July 2016. Organized many laughter wellness sessions and workshops for team-building, stress management, improved communication and confidence in Middle east and abroad.

Conducted Laughter Yoga sessions for Toastmasters in Bahrain; Think Pink Cancer awareness programmes, schools in India and Middle East; and in Corporates like Coco-cola, DHL, Xerox International, G A C Middle East, Lulu Hyper Markets and CMA Arabia. Organised Laughter Yoga sessions/Seminars in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand,Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.

Has vision to enrich the lives of people through laughter and joyfulness by providing a holistic platform for everyone regardless of economic background, age, ability or perspective.


Live Life Laughingly I 24th of June 2017 I 9:45 - 10:15 am I Auditorium