Laughter Yoga University

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader / Teacher Training - the Original

Become a Laughter Yoga Teacher before 1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference! Get the password to your strongest resource. It is infinite! Laughter raises your spirits and makes you happy. It leads to deep relaxation, basic confidence and insight. Liberate Your laughter, feel your inner child with its irrepressible joie de vivre. This is the shortest way to the summit of the art of living!

The Laughter Yoga Teachers' Training was designed by Madhuri and Dr. Madan Kataria based on their global experience. The learning content is well proven, compact and well structured. They are primarily aimed at those who want to take the next step by Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) for Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT). As a CLYT you can train Laughter Yoga Leaders. But that's not all!

In this training, the Laughter Yoga Basics will be repeated as well as the history, the benefits and Philospohie. Guided Deep Relaxation - called Yoga Nidra - various breathing exercises and meditations are taught and practiced with laughter partners. You learn interesting things about the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement and their latest trends and developments.

You learn in teamwork to create new Laughter Yoga exercises, funny songs, games and dances and you'll get to know a number of applications of Laughter Yoga, such as with children, students, elderly people and in companies.

You train your abilities to present something and get many tips on how to perform workshops, lectures and Laughter Yoga Leader trainings and how to establish successfully a Laughter Club.

Marketing, networking, social media, work-life balance and spiritual laws are part of the curriculum. A variety of Laughter Yoga sessions care for realxation and provide many new ideas.

A highlight is the talent show on the last night. For questions and discussion and develop visions (next step with Laughter Yoga?) is provided sufficient time.

You'll get the original certificate, a manual, the ebook "Laugh for no Reason", a CD with research on Laughter Yoga, presentations, flyer, logos, a DVD and a USB-stick with many Laughter Yoga exercises, videos from all over the world and a free membership at prozone on for one year.

If you are not yet a Laughter Yoga Leader, we anticipate offering you a slightly truncated Leader Training that can be booked together with the Teacher Training. It includes the basics to be able to understand and apply the method. It is practical.

The trainings will be presented by the four German Laughter Yoga Master Trainers. This learning and laughter are guaranteed at top level. Master trainers have the highest level of qualification. This is something like the black belt of judo. Teachers' Trainings are only offered by Dr. Kataria and few Master Trainers who have been trained and appointed by him.

Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel
the GLYC-Manager, expert on spirituality, philosophy, Yoga

Gisela Dombrowsky
expert on Laughter Yoga with children, seniors, business

Angela Mecking
expert on Laughter Yoga in companies, stress management

Egbert Griebeling
expert on Laughter Yoga and health, therapy, dance

Madhuri and Dr. Madan Kataria intend to be present at the presentation ceremony of certificates on 21st of June!

Instruction Language: English - German

Certified Laughter Yoga LEADER Training (Level 1)
16th–17th of June 2017 | Start und Final 11 am
(if you are not LY Leader)

Certified Laughter Yoga TEACHER Training (Level 2)
17th–21st of June 2017 | Start und Final 2 pm


Seminar "Emotional Intelligence" with Dr. Madan Kataria

This seminar was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, the inventor of Laughter Yoga. It is based on over 20 years experience with this way of practice. When he talks, you can hear a pin drop to the ground. Emotional intelligence is a tool, such as the fire. One can thus light a candle or burn down a whole house.

Emotional intelligence plays an important role in the relationship with yourself and with others, at home, with friends and at work. Emotional intelligence creates friendships and motivates people to achieve what they want.

The aim is not to evaluate what is a negative and a positive emotion. All emotions have their importance. Their benefit is huge. A greater awareness and emotional intelligence help to live a happier life. Laughter Yoga stimulates the diaphragm and the entire chest and abdomen, the seat of our emotions. The parasympathetic system is activated by the deeper breathing. Laughter Yoga is a simple, fantastic way to support and develop emotional intelligence.

Instruction Language: English - German

Seminar "Emotional Intelligence" with Dr. Kataria
23rd of June 2017 | 9–12 am