For the GLYC and the expanded program. Watch out for the attractive GLYC special prices for a whole week full of laughter! Interesting group discounts starting from 3 persons! The basic price for the GLYC includes the entire program from 23rd of June 3 pm to 25th of June 3 pm. No extra costs for about fifty (50)!!! joint events, workshops and lectures! 4 healthy, vegetarian meals can be booked. The "Global Laughter Prayer for Peace" on the evening before, as well as the following open air Laughter Yoga Session and the picnic (bring your own, please) in the park are free of charge and without prior registration.

  • GLYC and expanded program
  • GLYC special prices

23rd–25th of June 2017
Global Laughter Yoga Conference

Participation fee € 330 | Students*, Trainees € 130
*) Students who perform laughter yoga classes at their university or write a thesis about Laughter Yoga shall be exempt from the conference fee. Age limit 28.

17th–21st of June 2017
Certified Laughter yoga Teacher Training

Training fee € 950 | Repeater, Students, Trainees € 350

16th–17th of June 2017
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training - compact

Training fee € 150
Only available together with the Teacher Training!

22nd of June 2017 | 9 am–5 pm
Global Laughter Ambassadors Day

Participation fee € 60

23rd of June 2017 | 9AM–12Pm
Seminar “Emotional Intelligence“ with Dr. Madan Kataria

Seminar fee € 100
Only available in combination with the GLYC and/or the Teacher Training!

26th–27th of June 2017 | 9am–5pm
Global Laughter Yoga Master Trainers Convention

Participation fee € 120

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
+ Seminar "Emotional Intelligence"
+ Global Laughter Yoga Conference

Special price of only € 1200
(you save € 180)

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
+ Seminar "Emotional Intelligence"

Special price of only € 1000
(you save € 50)

attractive Group discount
please ask

€ 20 pp for XS-Groups from 3 persons
€ 30 pp for  M-Groups from 6 persons 
€ 40 pp for XL-Groups from 10 persons

How to proceed?
1.) The group leader sends a list of names to
2.) Each individual participant has to be registered online after the OK.
3.) Meals have to be included.
4.) If payment method is selected, please select bank transfer!
5.) In the Comments field, enter the name of the group leader (e.g. "Group Lulu Smile")
6.) Only when ALL registrations are received, registration confirmations and invoices are sent to the individual participants by e-mail.