Frequently asked questions

When will the 5th German Laughter Yoga Conference take place?

From 29th–31st of March 2019. It starts on Friday at 3.00 pm and ends on Sunday at 3.00 pm.

Where is the Global Laughter Yoga Conference (GLYC) taking place?

The convention center is named ‚Seminarhaus Shanti‘ and is located  at the edge of a nice, small town called Horn-Bad Meinberg. Horn-Bad Meinberg is located in the heart of Germany.

Yoga-Vidya e.V.
Yogaweg (Street) 1
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
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How much is the participation fee for the Conference and what does it include?

€ 260. This includes more than 40 workshops, lectures and many joint events, such as the opening ceremony and get-together program on Friday, the Laughter Talent Show with great artists on Saturday.

Are there any discounts?


Yes! A lot!

  • Students / apprentice discounts
  • When booking the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training (first time) and the seminar "Laughter in daily Life" with Dr. Kataria and the conference
  • When booking the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training (first time) and the seminar "Laughter in daily Life" with Dr. Kataria

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Are there any hot meals at the conference?

Yes! You book full board. All vegetarian meals. Tick on the online registration form.

How do I sign up?

The easiest way is to use the online registration form
or by telephone +49 173 925 37 68
or by e-mail to

How do I pay the fee?

If you have chosen "bank transfer" on the online registration form with the payment options, you will receive an invoice with the account details by e-mail. The transfer must then be made immediately.

If you have chosen payment with Paypal, you will immediately pay the amount displayed to the Paypal account, which you are automatically directed to. After this, the invoice will be sent to you by e-mail. The accommodation costs in the Seminarhaus Shanti are calculated separately and have to be forwarded after having received the invoice directly by the seminarhouse.

Who meets at the GLYC?

ALL Laughter Yoga Enthusiasts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world. ALL, who have a special interest in Laughter Yoga, love laughter and humor.

In which language is the GLYC and the other events held?

German – English (All lectures and workshops will be presented in these two languages)

What is the purpose of the GLYC?

It is about bringing the Global Laughter Yoga Community together, getting to know each other, to learn something from each other, to broaden the horizon, to inspire each other, to make friendships across borders and to support and strengthen the Laughter Yoga Movement. It is a unique opportunity to meet Laughter Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world and to take on a lot of motivation and optimism, especially in times like these, which seem to be filled with many fears. The GLYC sets a strong signal for the Laughter Yoga movement's mission: health, happiness and world peace through laughter.

Are there any other interesting Laughter Yoga events before and after the GLYC?



Free of charge

  • 22nd of June | 5.00–6.30 pm
    Global Laughter Prayer for Peace in a church named ‚Wartburgkirche‘
    by Laughter Yoga people from all over the world | of ALL for ALL | no registration
  • 22nd of June | 7.00–10.00 pm
    Open Air Laughter Yoga Session and performance in the ‘Günthersburgpark’, which is to be filmed from above
    followed by a picnic | of ALL for ALL | no registration

With charge

  • 23rd of June | 9.00–12.00 am
    Seminar „Emotional Intelligence through Laughter Yoga“
    with Dr. Madan Kataria
  • 16th–17th of June | starts at 11.00 am and ends at 11.00 am
    Laughter Yoga Leader Training (CLYLT)
  • 17th–21st of June | starts at 2.00 pm and ends at 2.00 pm
    Laughter Yoga Teacher Training (CLYTT)
  • 22nd of June | 9.00 am–4.30 pm
    Global Laughter Ambassador’s Day
    for Laughter Ambassadors and others, who are interested
  • 26th–27th of June | 9.00 am–5.00 pm
    Global Master Trainer Convention
    closed group

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I am a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and / or a Laughter Ambassador. What do I have to do?

Please tick in the online registration form that you would like to participate in "Global Ambassadors Day" (€ 60) and / or at the "Global Master Trainer Convention" (€ 120).

The Global Ambassador's Day on 22nd of June takes place in a centrally located building named "Saalbau Gutleut".

Rottweiler Straße 32
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Why should I arrive already on 22nd of June or even earlier?

If you're a Laughter Ambassador or intersted in the Ambassador's Day, you should already arrive on 21st of June. In addition, in the evening of 22nd of June our 'Global Laugther Prayer for Peace' will take place. You should not miss this. Afterwards, we will go to the neighboring park for an open air Laughter Yoga session followed by a picnic. It is located in the same area where the GLYC takes place.

How do I find accommodation?


We have reserved for you a variety of budget-conscious accommodations. They are centrally located and very well connected to the public transport network. Short connections between 15 and 25 minutes. Almost all hotels are located within a radius of 2.5–4 km from the locations.

Frankfurt Hostel
We have reserved the whole Hostel from 23rd–25th June (this option is valid until 27th of March. After that, a part of the quota that has not yet been retrieved has to be returned). Room bookings in the Frankfurt Hostel from 23rd–25th of June are made by us (Some rooms are also available on 21st and 22nd).

Very important: Do not call there!
They tell you otherwise, that they are fully booked. Exception: If you want to stay there before 22nd and after the 25th you need a youth hostel card (online order). Then you need to call the Frankfurt Hostel or make the booking online by yourself. On the online registration form for the GLYC you will find the prices of the different room categories, which you can choose. (single rooms not available) The price includes breakfast. In addition there is a processing fee of € 10. For late cancellations the cancellation fee is € 20 per night.

Other of our contingent hotels
You must make the reservation yourself. Sign up with the keyword "Global Laughter Yoga Conference". The sooner you care about it, the better. Most of the hotels can be canceled free of charge.

You can also search for a hotel via booking portals. Keep in mind, though, that prices are rising sharply, the closer the date is.

To our hotel quotas

Does Frankfurt have an international airport?

Yes! The Frankfurt airport connects around 300 destinations, such as Amsterdam, Paris, London, Rome. There are everywhere Laughter Clubs you could visit. In the airport there is a fast train connection to the main station in the center of Frankfurt.

What do I have to consider when I enter?

Visa regulations to the Federal Republic of Germany are quite simple. EU nationals are free and also many other non-EU nationals. Ha ha Non-EU nationals can find all information in different languages, except gibberish, here:

Official visa regulations Germany

Visa fee is EUR 60 only.

What do I have to think of the "Laugh around the world" -Challenge?

Your creativity is addressed. ALL Laughter Yoga people can participate! We are looking for your new, ingenious ideas, which help to spread Laughter Yoga worldwide!

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Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel
+49 173 925 37 68