Look forward to many joint events to meet and celebrate! They are described in Laughter Joint Events (LJE). For better orientation, we have assigned the workshops thematically. Only for the seminar about emotional intelligence through Laughter Yoga with Dr. Kataria is an additional registration required.Over 50 workshops/talks are included in the program of the GLYC from Friday 3 pm to Sunday 3 pm. You'll be amazed how diverse Laughter Yoga is. Convince yourself!

Download Workshop Schedule
Download Speaker Overview
(for digital use and printing)

Laughter Joint Events (LJE)

Global Laughter Prayer for Peace

Laughter Ambassadors and all participants of GLYC who have already arrived sing, chant, laugh and pray for world peace together at the gorgeous protestant-lutheran Wartburg Church. People will unite spiritually with this thought without any specific religious affiliation. Special attraction: a sound installation "Laughing church tower" by Brigitte Kottwitz and Carolyn Krüger from 17 - 25.06. Every quarter of an hour, hearty laughter comes down from above.

Welcome to everybody with a big smile. Julia Hagemann has composed a multi-part Hallelujah for this purpose. The "Wintergreen Goblins" will also play a laughter blessing with Irish sounds. The Children's Choir of the congregation will be there and Mariela Nets from Israel sings a peace song. Madhuri Kataria, the co-inventor of Laughter Yoga, will speak a few words about spirituality through Laughter Yoga. The prayer is open for public. Those who wish to contribute to the prayer with music, song, text and / or another good idea, please contact us before! There is a grand piano and a an organ. Registration not required. Just get there.

Global Laughter Prayer for Peace
Address look at Locations

22nd of June 2017 I 5-6.30 pm

Global open air public Laughter and Picnic

After the Global Laughter Prayer for Peace we gather at Günthersburg's Park. The park is within walking distance and with its magnificent old trees and huge lawn the ideal place to do a Laughter Session with such a big crowd. Furthermore, we will do a spectacular performance. 

The Laughter Session will be followed by a picnic. All participants are asked to do something to eat and drink and bring a bit more to share with others. Think of an umbrella or rainwear.

Please avoid waste, to protect the park and nature. No registration required. Welcome to everybody!

Global Open Air Public Laughter and Picnic
Address look at Locations
22nd of June 2017 | 7-10 pm (about)

Open Air Laughter Yoga Morning Session
24th and 25th of June 2017 | 7 - 8 am, provided that it doesn't rain. Welcome to everybody!

Opening Ceremony of the 1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference

The opening ceremony for the 1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference begins with the best that Laughter Yoga provides: the elements of joy! The Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Mr. Peter Feldmann, is the patron of the 1. Global Laughter Yoga Conference. The City Councilor, Mrs. Elke Sautner, will bring the greetings of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

We are planning a colorful welcome celebration with playing, dancing, singing and lots of laughter. All counties of laughter, which are there, will demonstrate something. It is a wonderful example of the many facets of Laughter Yoga and the uniqueness of our worldwide Laughter Yoga family.
Expect the unexpected! You must not miss!

23rd of June 2017 | Opening Ceremony with all for all | 3 pm

Keynote Speech with Laura Chaplin

Laughter is the first step to happiness. Laughter is a human right.

A day without laughing is a lost day." This life motto of Charlie Chaplin determines the life of the granddaughter of the world-famous comedian. To make others laugh and to laugh makes happy. Laura Chaplin takes a closer look at this phenomenon and realizes that laughter does not only enrich your own life, but also has the power to improve the world.

In her role as an ambassador for “Moi pour toit”, an organization which supports street children in Bogota, she has repeatedly visited Bogota and organized painting classes for children and disguised as a tramp, the role that made her grandfather famous.

A key experience there finally led her to the UN petition with the call for inclusion in the Charter of Human Rights: Every human has the right to laugh and to make others laugh.


23rd of June 2017 | "Laughter is the first step to happiness!" with Laura Chaplin| 5:00 - 6:00 pm I Auditorium

Friday Night Get Together Program

Coming together, laughing and dancing

On Friday night are all there. This is the best time to say hello, to chat, to have fun and to make some dance steps with good music. Egbert Griebeling performs the get together program with a team of great Laughter Yoga dancers from different countries. An unprecedented live Laughter Yoga Dance Session awaits us from the very best, with exciting rhythms, dancing moves and laughter guaranteed to ensure a lot of fun.

23rd of June 2017 | Friday Night Get together Program | 8 pm

Global Laughter Talent Show

The Laughter Yoga world is full of talent! Look forward to an international fireworks of creativity, courage, wit and skills!

The Saturday evening will be full of delightful surprises. From the circle of participants, we will put together a program that has no equal. We can hardly wait (-:

24th of June 2017 | Global Laughter Talent Show | 8 pm

Laughing World Café

World Café is an ingenious invention of business consultants Juanita Brown and David Isaacs to discuss issues with up to 2,500 people in a very short time and at the end even something comes out of it.

We are very happy to have found an expert like Thomas Grünschläger, who has already successfully managed several World Cafés. The conference participants are included in the topic selection at an early stage.

Of course, we
add short Laughter Yoga Kicks to supply the brain with additional fresh oxygen and get the good mood upright (-:
Fictitious calculation example: 500 people can extrapolated in 30 minutes work 250 hours on a topic. This corresponds to about 30 working days of an individual!

By repeating the same questions in several groups, a rich source results to diverse knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas. In no time amazing results. We have had so very good experiences in our network meetings in Germany.

The results will be exhibited in an art opening and again discussed in a large group. You are welcome to be moderator, translator or secretary in a group. Please contact us.

24th of June 2017 | Laughing World Café | 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Laugh Biz (LB)

"Laughter Yoga for Companies and Events" with Susanne Klaus

More and more companies are interested in Laughter Yoga. Health days are booming.

What makes Laughter-Yoga sessions in companies and events successful and unique? What especially inspires these groups, which exercises work really well and how do you get in a very short time a coherent laugh energy in these groups. This workshop will inspire you to also offer laughter yoga in an entrepreneurial environment. At events with a larger number of people, many exercises and suggestions are easy to transfer.

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "Laughter Yoga for Companies and Events" with Susanne Klaus| 12:45-13:15 pm I Room 1


" and Laughter Yoga on the Internet" with Carolyn Krüger

A success story from which all the Laughter Clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland benefit

Carolyn Krüger is active in the Frankfurt laughter club since 2001 and organizes the German Laughter yoga website with information about German-speaking laughter clubs, events and a list of all adresses and contact persons. Each year there is a list of most World laughter day events in Germany which is widely used by the media.

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | " and Laughter Yoga on the Interent" with Carolyn Krüger| 4.15 - 4.45 pm I room 1


"Are you too busy to be happy?" with Helen Thyrvin

Laughter is a quick fix - we train people, companies become better

I speak, train leaders and provide group and corporate happiness building sessions. I will take examples from Sweden since laughter yoga is not yet accepted as a method for wellness. We are sooo serious… and need intellectual proof before we undertake anything, hihi. Playfulness is not a Swedish trait , unless at midsummer or together with alcohol. I will present what I find will work, appearance and behavior, different approaches depending on group size or which line of business they are in.

Language: English - German
24th of June, 2017 | "How Laughter Yoga works in Sweden" with Helen Thyrvin| 1:30-2:00 pm I Room 1

"Laughing Pharmacy - work place health promotion " with Nina Fuchs

Daily Laughter is the best medicine, the pharmacist Nina Fuchs strongly recommends to her employees and clients.

Stress is the non-specific reaction of the body to any demand upon it. It depends on the duration, intensity and coping if the reaction to stress is comfortable or uncomfortable. In her presentation Nina Fuchs shows how laughter can be used in the work environment, to strengthen (a company’s) health promotion and stress management. She shows different laughter routines and tips from her experience, which are already gladly used from the participants.

Language: English - German
24th of June, 2017 | "Laughing Pharmacy - work place health promotion " with Nina Fuchs| 5:00-5:30 pm I room 2

"Grandma laughs again" with Ute Liebhard

Project against widespread loneliness and depression in old age

Getting older is not funny for many. The project "Grandma Laughs Again" is aimed specifically at elderly people. Depression and isolation is to be avoided preventively. The course Laugh and Talk offers space for joy and personal exchange. In the Talking Circle the focus is on the positive aspects of life. A variety of laughter exercises in sitting mobilize and strengthen the body.
The project Oma laughs again is a model attempt to involve donors and sponsors in the financing.
Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "Grandma laughs again" with Ute Liebhard I 12:00-12:30 pm I room 2

"UK National Laughter Week and more amazing topics" with Robin Graham

... and being a laughter ambassador for the World Laughter Master, and how we can be happiest in running our happy hobbyist business

Robin will discuss the setting up and development of the UK National Laughter Week and championships which was established in 2012, describe his role and inspiration in supporting WLM Belachew GIrma, and share ideas from his MA research project looking at how we can be happiest when running a business about happiness.

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "UK Laughter Week and more amazing topics" with Robin Graham I 3:30-4:00 pm I room 2

Laugh Education (LE)

"The Impact of a Daily Laughter Practice" with Dave Berman

A great idea is going around the world

On January 1, 2016, Dave Berman launched Daily Laughers with the mission of inspiring a million or more people to adopt a daily laughter practice. He suggested that choosing to laugh on purpose every day would reduce stress, increase joy, and improve overall health, plus it would have a positive impact on others to move us all in the direction of Dr. Kataria’s vision of world peace through laughter. So Dave started posting a new laughter demonstration video every day on YouTube and other social media, making most of the videos on Skype so he could laugh with people from all over his native US and around the world. By the end of 2016 he’d laughed with people in all 50 United States and over 50 other countries. His guests showed many innovative laughter exercises and shared powerfully inspiring stories about the impact of laughter in their lives and the lives of those they laugh with. Dave has continued making these videos every day in 2017 and in this talk he will share some of his favorite laughter exercises, stories from his guests, and lessons learned in his own life from having a daily laughter practice that actually goes back to 2011

Language: English - German
25th of June 2017 | "The Impact of a Daily Laughter Practice" with Dave Berman| 11:45-12:15 am I Auditorium


"Kids need to Laugh" mit Gisela Dombrowsky

Happiness in the gray school day? Let's cultivate the inner child!

There are children all over the world. They have the same special needs: Motion, playing and laughing. Why is laughing and playing so important for the development of children? We can read about this in books of the famous german scientist  Prof. Gerald Hüther. What has to be changed that children reach there potential? I will talk about my experiences with children and share my knowledge with people from different cultures and countries. We will feel and laugh together like children.

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "Kids need to Laugh" with Gisela Dombrowsky| 5:45-6:15 pm I room 1


"Lion Laughter in the Roman prison Rebibbia" with Cinzia Perrotta

Laughter Club in jail! A Roman educator ventures into the lion's den! with Cinzia Perrotta

I will talk about my experience in prison describing the potential and the difficulties encountered during my adventure. I will focus on the educational aspects of the laughter yoga in prison. It will be great to show how everyone can laugh and how important this is, all identifying ourselves in the shoes of a prisoner who laughs.There is no better place to laugh for no reason. We need great leaders to laugh in prisons all over the world, we can educate through love and laughter, I'm sure!

24th of June 2017 | "Lion Laughter in the Roman prison Rebibbia" with Cinzia Perrotta| 3:30 - 4:00 pm I room 1

"When the Sun lost its laughter" with Hewig Koch-Münch

"The somewhat different Theatre" based on the book "Lachola and the laughter of the Sun"

This workshop is a one off puppet show by Laughter Yoga for everyone who has kept the child inside themselves alive. For this reason, the audience is urged to take part, sing along, and to laugh together, while beautiful music accompanies the show. The play itself is about the Sun, which, one day, loses its laughter, stopping all of Laughter Land from laughing too. Can Lachola, a laughing heart who has just come back from his holiday, make the sun laugh again, and return the laughter to Laughter Land? Get ready to be surprised, anything can happen in this play that moves the heart and touches the soul.

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "When the Sun lost its laughter" with Hedwig Koch-Münch| 5:45-6:15 pm I room 2

"How we set Poland on Laughter?" with Piotr Bielski

Laughing revolution in Poland

In March 2013 I have travelled to Bangalore to receive training from dr Kataria and it happened that I was the first one from my country to get professionally trained in LY and use this knowledge for a bigger good.   Two months later in Poland I have succesfully led a LY session for 40 male prisoners almost not breaking the walls with our laughter. I set up the first laughter club in Warsaw and we had great media coverage including not only Polish media but also the national Russian TV has come to our club and produced probably the most positive news from Poland in the last decade. After a year I have had a comfort to entirely dedicated my professional life to spreading Laughter Yoga. Thanks to wonderful people I have met on my way, we have made it great as for such short time span with few hundred active LY leaders, hundreds of LY events and wide media coverage. I will tell you how we made it, what I have learned from this that might be interesting to an international public and what challenges we have overcome with laughter.

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "How we set Poland on laughter" with Piotr Bielski| 1:30-2:00 pm I room 2

Laugh & Elements of Joy (LEJ)

"Gibberish for Emotional Expression plus: Laughter Kirtan" with Jeffrey Briar

"Inspirations with the Master of Gibberish and Creativity " with Jeffrey Briar

"Gibberish for Emotional Expression". An experience-based workshop which will give us all levels of gibberish expertise, from introductory to advanced.  Learn how to safely express any emotion via gibberish.  Plus: Laughter Kirtan, a form of call-and-response chant which uses laughter sounds and requires no musical ability.

Language: English - German - Gibberish ha ha
25th of June 2017 | "Gibberish for Emotional Expression Plus: Laughter Kirtan" with Jeffrey Briar| 9:00-10:00 am I Auditorium


"Tiramisu for the soul: Laughter and the BDA-Method" with Julia Hagemann

A universal happiness training

You’ll probably have noticed from time to time that laughter is capable to lead you even from quite gloomy, heavy, paralysed conditions in a light state, sparkling of energy, am I right? Today I’d like to play with you with the BDA-Technique, which is able to do the same (applicable inconspiciously even in a very quiet and dull poet’s reading). The developer, happiness coach and bestselling author Bodo Deletz, has found a way to use abilities of the right brain hemisphere to communicate directly and playfully with the parts of the brain that think non-verbally. Let’s try what happens when we combine these two Happifiers in a larger group! Might be that we sing or laugh or move. Be prepared.

Language: German - English
24th of June 2017 | "Tiramisu for the soul: Laughter and BDA-Method" with Julia Hagemann| 6:30-7:00 pm

Let's face it! with Stuart Goodman

Faces character reading and analysis are all over the world valuable instruments to understand oneself and others better. No two people are alike - each is unique!

The Facebook generation is gradually lost what was normal for people before the PC era: to view a real opposite in the face and in the eye. Anyone can learn it (again), it can be used to show a person the sum of their energies, talents and possibilities in a simple manner. It includes what a person is distinguished and characterized: the face, hands, body, facial expressions, body language, voice, language, physiognomy, clothing, colors, etc. It is an insightful training, in which you can very often heartily laugh at yourself. The GLYC is the ideal event to begin practicing.

23rd of June 2017 | "Let's face it!" with Stuart Goodman| 5 - 5:30 pm I Auditorium

"Laughter Yoga Human Mandala" with Lolita Aucourt and Fabrice Loizeau

A new Mandala experience

Nature is often ordered in mandala just like the human body. In reality, we can find the form of the mandala all around us: our brain or the solar system are mandalas. A cell ? A flower ? Mandalas, too! Symbol of life, unity and perfection that we represent with our bodies. Join the Laughter Yoga and the mandala for to send a strong message: peace in the world.
It's round, it vibrates, it laughs! come and live a Laughter Yoga human mandala experience!

Language: English - German - French - Gibberish
23rd of June 2017 | "Laughter Yoga Human Mandala" with Lolita Aucourt and Fabrice Loizeau| 7:15-7:45 pm I Auditorium

22nd of June 2017 I and during the open air session in Güntersburgpark from 7 pm


"Joy Dance - a unique new method" with Francesca Rucci

Dance for body and soul

Joy Dance® is the dance for everyone that knows no limits. Rhythm and melodies are alternated to move the body in a simple and creative, through free body expression activities fostering the perception of one's body and help you regain your energy balance. Because everyone can find one's dance in the most playful way with laughter.

Language: English - German
23rd of June 2017 | "Joy Dance® - a unique new method" with Francecsa Rucci| Get together Program (evening) I Auditorium


"Play without limits" with Julien Peschot

A comedian and actor from France inspires to creative games with tons of laughter

What the cooperative games, games of educational emotional, of improvisation, winning winner and of the theater can bring to the laughter yoga! My 25 years experience with fun games I would like to share with you. I want to play with you!

Language: English - German - French  ha ha
24.06.2017 | "Play without limits" with Julien Peschot | 10:30-11:00 am I room 1


"Connecting to Nature by Gibberish" with Nobukatsu (Noby) Okubo

Short vacation of rational thinking

We recognize this word by word, every time. Our rational thoughts block the freedom of our brain. It's very useful to speak gibberish for stopping rational thoughts. Then another sight will appear in front of your eyes. We can feel the life of flowers ,trees, wind, the sun, and so on. This helps bringing up your joy of living and laughter. It's not a new thing, but it's the oldest thing for us like our childhood days.

Language: English - German - Gibberish ha ha
24th of June 2017 | "Connecting to Nature by Gibberish" with Nobukatsu (Noby) Okubo| 12:45-1:15 pm I room 2


"Music makes you laugh and smile!" with Gundula Krause

Singing, dancing, fooling around and you'll roll on floor laughing

I would like to invite you to a fun workshop with exciting international folk dances and funny songs. You will learn easy-to-explain circle dances and songs and get new ideas for your Laughteryoga group lessons. Be inspired by these elements of joy ...

Language: English - German
24.06.2017 | "Music makes you laugh and smile" with Gundula Krause | 13:30-14:00 pm I Auditorium


"Chant your way to happiness and beautyl" with Monika Müksch

If you can walk, you can dance, if you can speak, you can sing!

Just like laughing also singing in the group has an enourmous effect on body, mind and soul. You are invited to sing Happy Chants and Healing Songs from all over the world. It doesn't matter if you think you can sing or not - it is all about the pleasure and the meditation by freeing your voice. We will be guided by the african proverb "If you can walk, you can dance, if you can speak, you can sing!"

Language: English - German
24th of June, 2017 | "Chant your way to happiness and beauty" with Monika Müksch| 5:00-5:30 pm I room 1

"Play and sing - live in swing" with Anne Sintic

Funny songs and games for Laughter Yoga Sessions

Bring your inner sources of joy in flow and learn new songs and games you can implement in your own laughter yoga sessions. Singing together strengthens the group cooperation. Games challenge creativity, offer some surprises and open out into roaring laughter. They do not aim in competition but in taking part and in joining the laughter.

Language: English - German
23rd of June 2017 | "Play and sing - live in swing" with Anne Sintic 6:30-7:00 pm I room 2


"Joyfulness through laughing, playing and dancing" with Laurenz Menzinger

Action, Rhythm, Impro ... breathless to the joy of life!

In this session we’re experiencing different laughter exercises, breathing exercises and improv games as well as dancing. Quick changes from one exercise to the next and continuous activity help to better feel and connect with our body. We forget our worries, are in the here and now and experience joy, ease and positive energy.

Language: English - German
23rd of June, 2017 | "Joyfulness through laughing, playing and dancing" with Laurenz Menzinger| 6:30-7:00 pm I room 1

"Safe laughing with everybody" with Maarten Vos

Learn from the skills of an experienced trainer

How can you make a safe and secure atmosphere in a laughter session and how can you use the laughing energy of the participants? What is the benefit of laughter for the physical and mental health of people?

Language: English - German
25.06.2017 | "Safe laughing with everybody" with Maarten Vos| 10:15 - 10:45 am I room 2

"Laughter games and improvisation" with Bat shachar Weinfeld

Learn from an expert of games, improvisation and playback theatre*

I will lead a Workshop of games and improvisation, playing provoking laughter and joy. Leaders will be able to get ideas for their workshops.

*) Playback theatre is an original form of improvisational theatre. The founder is Jonathan Fox (USA).

Language: English - German
25th of June 2017 | "Laughter Yoga games and improvisation" with Bat shachar Weinfeld| 11:00 - 11:30 am I room 2

Laughter Global Network (LGN)

"Women Power in Indian Laughter Clubs" with Madhuri Kataria

We are extremely happy that Madhurima will present a very special topic. She brings us the women of India closer in a charming way, especially in the laughter clubs.

She gives us insight into her own life at her husband's side and into the Indian culture and lifestyle. The women strengthen and help each other, sometimes against the resistance of their husbands. They care for their community by making excursions, invite among themselves to weddings and much more. Their self-confidence grows, they are healthier and more satisfied with their lives. While Madhuri is speaking, one can hear her deep, infectious laughter very often.

25th of June, 2017 | "Women Power in Indian Laughter Clubs" with Madhuri Kataria | 10.15-10.45 am I Auditorium

"The importance of Laughter connecting between people -- and its impact on world peace" with Gaga Barnes

Gaga Barnes, the founder of the original Laughter-Yoga-on-the-Phone-Program, has inspired thousands of people all over the world

Gaga Barnes, a Laughter Yoga Ambassador, LY teacher and founder of the original “LAUGHTER YOGA ON THE PHONE “ will speak about the 10 year anniversary of this hugely successful free program, and demonstrate the importance of Laughter on the phone as a way of connecting thousands of people the world over. She'll be joined in the presentation by her husband, Laughter Yoga Teacher Khevin Barnes

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "The importance of Laughter connecting between people -- and its impact on world peace" with Gaga Barnes | 5:45 - 6:15 pm I Auditorium

Chicken Laughter in Mekong village

Gabriela loves traveling to distant countries. She visits laughter clubs and asks in schools for permission to perform Laughter Yoga sessions with the students.

Her last trip took her to Southeast Asia, where she cheered timid children in a small Laotian village on the River Mekong with the Chicken Laughter. In a hospital in Hanoi, she could present Laughter Yoga to cancer patients. She wants to share her unforgettable experiences.

We can spread Laughter everywhere. It is always in the luggage.

24th of June 2017 | "Chicken Laughter in Mekong village" with Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel | 07:45-08:00 pm I Auditorium

Laughter runs through our veins

How come Mexico, with a very poor economy, being part of the Third World, full of problems, with a nasty Government and narcs all around, is one of the happiest countries on earth? May this picture be the clue?

Let's find out with Rossana what is it that makes Mexicans so joyful and festive, and allows them to have a unique relationship with death. Is it possible that Laughter runs through their veins?

24.06.2017 | "Laughter runs through our veins" mit Rossana Queijeiro | 3:30 - 4:00 pm I Auditorium


Women decide and commit to laugh every single day. This intention can translate to a Tsunami of love.

The HAHA SISTERHOOD is for all the wonderful women who laugh! We have a TREMENDOUS POWER in us. ONE single woman laughing can change the whole world. When you laugh, you change… and your children change when they see you laughing… and then your families. And the community. And the tribe. And the nation. And the whole world!

25th of June 2017 I "HAHA SISTERHOOD" with Linda Leclerc | 11:00 - 11:30 am I Auditorium

"Laughter Yoga movement in Japan" with Maki Kawakami

Is Japan returning to the original relaxed serenity?

Now we have nearly 10,000 laughter yoga leaders across the nation. Originally, the Japanese were a very cheerful nationality from ancient times. We forgot about it because we had many disasters, earthquakes,tsunamis and now the meltdown of the nuclear power plant, etc.  Dr. Kataria brought us laughter again with Laughter Yoga. I will introduce Japanese ancient story and Laughter Yoga movement in Japan. And furthermore, my life changing story.

24th of June 2017 I "Laughter Yoga movement in Japan" with Maki Kawakami | 7:15 - 7:45 pm I Auditoium

"Laughing for Peace" with Mariela Nets

The universal language of Laughter

Laughter Yoga as a powerful tool for bringing people together. By teaching and practicing Laughter Yoga among people from different origin we move closer towards world peace. When you laugh you can not hate.

Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "Laughing for Peace" with Mariela Nets  I 12:00 - 12:30 pm I room 1

"'#CONCIENRISATE" with Christian Bártoli and Francisco Soares

Campaign to motivate citizens awareness through laughter

It is about trying that each people with a smile be aware of their rights and duties as citizens. Our laughter take the streets to promote respect for traffic lights, pedestrians, rules of coexistence and joy, generating a positive change in people and promoting peace.It is a country proposal, a philosophy of life, a positive contribution for a society.

We even set ourselves a broader objective: "it is a contribution for humanity”. Its origins lie in Laughter Yoga. Our plan and what we currently are doing is to bring laughter to the streets, to educate people joyfully and make every citizen smiling responsible for their acts.

In addition to citizen awareness activities that take place in Venezuela’s streets, the project to achieve a laughing planet, also reaches Hospitals, Geriatric, Schools, rural towns and Neighborhoods of the country.

Currently Christian and Francisco lead a team of 3 laughter clubs in Caracas (Capital District): Laughter Club “Give a Smile” in the Teresa Carreño Complex Cultural Theater; Laughter Club “The WarairaRIENDO” in the Warairarepano (Known as National Park and Plant Heritage: Cerro El Ávila) Laughter Club “VenezuelaRiendo” (First Laughter Club of VenezuelaRiendo and the largest in Latin America, founded by the Master Trainer Jesus Reggeti)

The NGO “Regala una Sonrisa” also make activities for homeless and it is self-supporting through a training center for low-income people, a clothing bank and the sale of joy bonds. Laughter Yoga is a tool for our personal well-being, Laughter Yoga is a commitment and a responsibility to humanity, bringing the light of this present to people and communities in need through our social work.

When we laugh, we connect from the SOUL, without political, religious or race prejudices ... In Laughter, WE FIND EACH OTHER. In a world where everyone hates without a reason, we bet on laughing for no reason ... We are all going to raise JOY as POLICY

Language: English - German - Spanish
25th of June 2017 | "CONCIENRISATE" with Christian Bártoli and Francisco Soares I 10:15 - 10:45 am I room 1

Laugh Health & Mind (LHM)

Seminar "Emotional Intelligence" with Dr. Madan Kataria

Emotional intelligence plays an important role in the relationship with yourself and with others, at home, with friends and at work. Emotional intelligence creates friendships and motivates people to achieve what they want.

The aim is not to evaluate what is a negative and a positive emotion. All emotions have their importance. Their benefit is huge. A greater awareness and emotional intelligence help to live a happier life.

Laughter Yoga stimulates the diaphragm and the entire chest and abdomen, the seat of our emotions. The parasympathetic system is activated by the deeper breathing. Laughter Yoga is a simple, fantastic way to support and develop emotional intelligence.

Instruction Language: English - German
23rd of June 2017 | Seminar "Emotional Intelligence" with Dr. Kataria | 9 - 12 am I room 1 (register before, fee)


"Laughing through Cancer" with Khevin Barnes

Breast Cancer Speaker and Magician Khevin Barnes Live!

Khevin Barnes is a male breast cancer survivor, stage magician and Laughter Yoga Teacher. In this inspirational program he shares his story of the power of laughter in our health and healing.  Not just for cancer survivors, this presentation will demonstrate the benefits of laughter for anyone facing illness of any kind. In addition to some compelling stories and up to the minute information about the benefits of Laughter you’ll be treated to a little stage magic!

Instruction Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "Laughing through Cancer" with Khevin Barnes | 5 - 5.30 pm I Auditorium

"Laughter Yoga with cancer patiens and their families" with Sylvie Dagenais-Douville

Dare to laugh ... after a cancer diagnosis?

Not only is it possible, but it is a must! We need to better understand the stress that this clientele is facing in order to support them on their road to recovery with this highly adaptable life tool that is Laughter Yoga. It is with passion, compassion and testimonials that Sylvie Dagenais-Douville will share her experience with cancer survivors and their families.

Instruction Language: English - German
24th of June 2017 | "Laughter Yoga with cancer patiens and their families" with Sylvie Dagenais-Douville| 12:00-12:30 pm I Auditorium

"Individual Laughter Coaching" with Dr. Alida van Leeuwen

Laughing at yourself can change one's being completely. It is like re-programming yourself.

It works quickly and effectively. So laughter as a therapeutical intervention is a great technique. But it is difficult, for both the coach as for the one who is coached. That is because the rational part of the brain is in the way. But with a few simple tricks and the use of laughter exercises, everyone can learn to laugh without reason just for the benefits of making yourself and others happier and healthier.

24th of June 2017 | "Individual Laughter Coaching" with Dr. Alida Leeuwen | 09:45 - 10:15 am I room 1

"The Healing Power of Laughter Yoga after the Tsunami in Japan" with Michi Morioka

Can laughter really help people after natural catastrophes? Yes, it can.

Yes, earthquakes happen. We fall sick or injured. Our loved ones pass away. We can't erase what's happened. We don't know what'll happen next. But we can always choose to laugh now. Michi has experienced and witnessed so many miracles throughout her life, which she believes is a natural thing when we know we have a choice to feel joy, and when our genes are switched on through laughter. She will share exercises, episodes and science to help you feel empowered to live the life you want.

24th of June 2017 | "The Healing Power of Laughter Yoga after the Tsunami in Japan" with Michi Morioka | 4.15 - 4.45 pm I Auditorium

"Live Life Laughingly" with Keyem Thomez

How can Laughter make a complete human being, who sees the divine seated in the heart of every being?

How to generate positive attitude thru Laughter Yoga? What is the moral responsibility of a person towards humanity, how to reduce psychological age, stay young and energetic, bring more playfulness thru the four elements of joy. The event includes: presentation, anecdotes, personal stories, music and dance with laughter and breathing exercises.

24th of June 2017 | "Live Life Laughingly" with Keyem Thomez | 09:45 - 10:15 am I Auditorium

"Unfold your inner happiness" with Margot Regele

In a charming way we travel to ourselves. While laughing we activate our happiness genes, and sound vibrations of mantras accompany us.

The serene interplay of physical and mental exercises let us feel joy, freedom and happiness. A sense of security and self-acceptance is conveyed, leading to the strengthening of our basic trust. Margot shows that self-love and self-being are an art of living and necessary for a healthy, happy and successful life. Beaming we look at the world and say, "I love me - I love you", because interior harmony leads to exterior harmony. Join the wonderful journey to yourself!

23th of June 2017 | "Unfold your inner happiness" with Margot Regele | 7.15 - 7.45 pm I Room 2

Is laughing enough to live a happy life?

Laughter Yoga is a powerful method in order to activate one's lust for life and to feel happy. Many of us habe experienced the power of laughter and its transormational force.

In some cases, however, laughter does not seem to be sufficient. In these cases it can be helpful to widen one´s view. This speech wants to show aspects of the combinations of Laughter Yoga with methods of unfolding your personal potential. This eventually leads to the idea to live your life out of your heart, connected with your inner source. Life can be easy and quite playful then.

23rd of June 2017 | "Is laughing enough to live a hyppy life?" with  Alex Bannes| 7:15 - 7:45 pm I room 1

"Open the door to the possibilities of life" with Sae Hayashi

How dreams come true through laughter! Let your inner light shine!

Open the door to the possibilities of your life! A way of life connected with your inner spirit through Laughter Yoga. The door of possibility opens by following your inner voice that whispers "I want to do it!”. I noticed my emotions while practicing Laughter Yoga. And then I chose the way of life where my soul joyfully shines and I continue to move forward. I will share with you some Laughter Yoga exercises along with my stories.

24th of June 2017 | "Open the door to the possibilities of life" with Sae Hayashi| 09:45 - 10:15 am I room 2

"Laughter despite all this" with Silvia Rößler

Is it ok to laugh when I'm sad?

Sadness and happiness are going humorous and cheerful hand in hand. Laughter as a anchor, life motor and valve. Is it impious to laugh when I’m sad? How is it possible to let arise a mixture of seriousness and cheerfullnes, nevertheless difficult life situations, crisis, illness, sadness and death. Silvia Rößler will convey, that the care from humor and ease is very important and also the knowledge of the change.

24th of June 2017 | "Laughter despite all this" with Silvia Rößler| 10:30 - 11:00 am I room 2

"Heart and cheerfulness" with Susann Duss

Connect the technique of heart intelligence method (HeartMath) with Laughter Yoga

How this is done and what you can achieve with it, will be conveyed to you in this workshop. You learn amazing things about the heart and its far-reaching influence on all body functions. You will get to know the electromagnetic field of the heart as well as the heart rate variability (HRV) and its significance in the context of emotions. Breathing, smiling and laughing through the heart center, invigorating emotions and thus consciously influencing the autonomic nervous system and the hormonal system. The heart is the key of the world and of life Novalis

24th of June, 2017 | "Heart and cheerfulness" with Susann Duss| 11:15 - 11:45 am I room 2

"Shower of resources - all qualities for success are within you" with Angela Mecking

What makes us successful as a trainer?

What helps us to live our true vocation? Angela has trained laughter yoga leaders for 10 years, and she observed: not external factors are decisive for success, but inner qualities such as courage, trust, patience and love. In this workshop, we will conduct a powerful and connecting group exercise in order to activate and strengthen all the personal resources which we need to realize our vision.

25.06.2017 | "Shower of Resources - all qualities for success are within you" with Angela Mecking| 11:00 - 11:30 am I room 1

Laugh Lab (LL)

Is research necessary? with Merv Neal

Laughter Yoga research in Australia awarded with innovation prize!  

Is research necessary? Only if you want to be taken seriously. In this presentation, Merv will discuss the 2 Laughter Yoga research studies that he conducted in Australia. The first one was with Deakin University and two high-stress businesses. The second was with Monash Health and with patients undergoing Kidney Dialysis. The latter was awarded a prize for innovation. Merv will discuss the steps that were undertaken along with the results that were obtained. Along with some very moving stories.

24th of June 2017 | "Is research necessary?" with Merv Neal| 10:30 - 11:00 am I Auditorium

"The Impact of Laughter on Neurological Disorders" with Lotte Mikkelsen

Does laughing make the nerve cells dance?

My talk will be about my own journey with MS and also working with people in organisations such as Parkinson’s Society, Alzheimer’s Society and people with brain injury. Coping with potential changes through setting up The Telephone Laughter Club and a network of people to laugh with every day.

24th of June 2017 | "The Impact of Laughter on Neurological Disorders" with Lotte Mikkelsen| 12:45- 1:15 pm I Auditorium

"Laughter Yoga study with breast cancer patiens" with Rüdiger Lewin

Laughing helps!

Rüdiger Lewin presents the results of the study at the University of Dusseldorf on the quality of life of breast cancer patients in the aftercare. He ran it himself together with his wife Hildegard Lewin (Laughter Yoga Teacher since 2015). The first group practiced 10 Laughter Yoga applications from March to May 2016. It was asked by internationally standard questionnaires on the quality of life and life satisfaction. The questionnaires were given before and after the application cycle, as well as in the follow-up half a year after the start of the study. A second group will be examinded in March 2017. The results will be available until the 1st Global Laughter Yoga Conference.

24th of June 2017 | "Laughter Yoga study with breast cancer patiens" with Rüdiger Lewin| 11:15 - 11:45 am I Auditorium

"Soy libre - I'm free" with Luis Gomez

The impact of laughter and joy in Mexican prison

In his presentation you will have the opportunity to watch the documentary Soy Libre - I´m Free! (with English subtitles) and witness the impact of a 21 day intervention to a group of inmates in México City.

24th of June 2017 | "Soy libre - I'm free" with Luis Gomez| 8:00 - 8:30 pm I Auditorium

Laughter Yoga University (LYU)

Networking for Laughter Professionals – a Success Story from Germany

Since the laughter movement keeps growing, there is also more demand for exchange about special topics as well as practical inspirations. 

Therefore, we - the German Masters - initiated a yearly networking event. This took place for the 2nd time in 2016 – with almost 60 laughter yogis and such a resonance that Dr. Kataria now encourages other countries to organize this. The German Master Trainer Angela Mecking will present results, tips and ideas how this can be successfully achieved.

24th of June 2017 | Networking for Laughter Pros with Angela Mecking | 06.30 - 07.00 pm I Auditorium

"Laughter Connection" with Lara Luccacioni

Best Practice Example of successful Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher Trainings and Laughter Club formation based on Lara Lucaccioni's success story.

With 5 Teacher trainings in a year and nearly 100 Laughter Yoga Teachers trained, many of which in turn are dedicating themselves to training, many ones ask me what my secret. We're going to see the 4 ingredients of my success  - Passion, Commitment, Authenticity and Heart  - that I explain through two movements for each one, inside and outside.

24th of June 2017 | "Laughter Connection" with Lara Lucaccioni | 11:15–11:45 am I room 1